Oliver Sweeney

Posted by Tim Wolstenhome on 30/06/2020 • 

Oliver Sweeney is a young company drawing on a deep well of experience. Since its foundation in 1989 it has walked its own path with a fine eye for sharp but always comfortable footwear. Built around a unique Anatomical Last, which mimics as accurately as possible the human foot, the shoes have always looked right on the money without slavishly following the short-lived vagaries of fashion trends.

Oliver Sweeney ran away from home to London when he was aged 16 and lived on the London Underground Circle Line. One day he passed the window of a Shoemaker who was advertising a vacancy for an apprentice and, as he later said, ' that advert saved my life.' Today Oliver Sweeney is one of Britain's leading designers and manufacturers of shoes, accessories and outerwear. We walk our own path - confident in our own achievements, sophisticated in our appreciation of life, individual in our choices. Exuding style and substance - a smart brand with sharp attention to detail and an inviolable commitment to authentic quality materials and craftsmanship.