Posted by Tim Wolstenholme on 28/05/2018 • 

Linen is an airy fabric and is perfect for warmer temperatures. Its cooling performance, crisp look and unique texture makes it ideal for the vacation wardrobe as well has hot days in the city.

Extracted from the flax plant, linen is one of the oldest fibres used in textile weaving. It is recognised as the world's strongest natural fibre that naturally transports air and moisture from the body. This absorbing and breathable performance makes it ideal for hot days and hot climates. Compared to cotton, the linen fibre is thicker with a more prominent and crisp texture.

In Good quality linen the cloth is softly washed to be comfortable when you first the shirt and all our ETON, Hackett and Jacques Britt options are produced in this way. After every wear and wash it will become softer and gain a personal pattina. Embrace its wrinkled appearance and wear it with almost everything, under an unconstructed lightweight suit for elegant dinners, or with a pair of swim trunks for beachside strolls. Go for a smart office look and pair it up with some chinos and loafers while a stylish men's watch will finish the look.