About us

Andrew Watson has been in the clothing business as long as he can remember. Having started with the Boyce family at Copperfield in the mid 70's Andrew has always had a passion for good cloth and excellent cut. Since opening his own store in 2010 he has travelled extensively throughout Europe with Tim on the search for the best in mens clothing. He and the team have bought in a number of new designers not showcased on the island, and only available in a handful of mainland stores.

The store is a firm favourite with regulars and is also now firmly on the list for tourist destinations for things to do in Belfast.

Tim Wolstenhome has a wealth of experience. He was instrumental in developing the Hugo Boss shops throughout London in the late 2000's and decided to move to Northern Ireland with his local born wife. When the opportunity came for him to join up with Andrew in his new venture - Tim jumped at the opportunity.

His wealth of experience and his passion for style are key parts of the offer. He travels extensively throughout Europe to source these exciting brands.